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Dukley Gardens 2 124008

Dukley Gardens

Dukley Gardens

A dream residential complex

A prestigious residential complex, situated in Montenegro, designed by the German experts from Nps Tchoban Voss Architekten Bda, constructed by the American firm Turner Construction and furnished by Poliform|Varenna.
Dukley Gardens comprises 36 villas, consisting of 202 apartments spanning between 86 and 544 m2 and almost entirely furnished with Varenna kitchens, and with Poliform wardrobes, sofas and interior furnishings.
Set in an area of a generous 35,300 m2, the villas are situated in the most attractive and charming part of Budva, the Zavala peninsula which faces the old city and which affords a breathtaking sea view and a pedestrian walkway that grants direct access to three beaches, an array of restaurants, Spas and the yacht club.

Dukley Gardens 2 124008
Dukley Gardens 2 124009
Dukley Gardens 2 124010
Dukley Gardens 2 124011
Dukley Gardens 2 124012
Dukley Gardens 2 124013
Dukley Gardens 2 124014
Dukley Gardens 2 124015
Dukley Gardens 2 124016
Dukley Gardens 2 124017
Dukley Gardens 2 124018
Dukley Gardens 2 124019
Dukley Gardens 2 124020
Dukley Gardens 2 124021

Architecture and design
at the Venice Biennale

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