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Silvera Bordeaux

Silvera Bordeaux

In Bordeaux, Poliform opens a new multi-brand store in partnership with Silvera. A historical villa provides the perfect setting for his refined tale of contemporary living.

A 19th-century residence in the heart of the city of Bordeaux transformed into an exclusive multi-brand showroom. Poliform is the star of the new Silvera Bordeaux store, created by the company’s historical partner.
Within this sophisticated setting dedicated entirely to the best Italian and international design, Poliform occupies an exceptional place by furnishing the first floor of the villa with a careful selection of its products for the living and sleeping areas, and the kitchen space on the ground floor.
Located in the historical centre of the city, counted among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites for the rich concentration of unique architectures and monuments, Silvera Bordeaux perfectly reflects the bourgeois style that can be admired in the district in which it stands, giving a nod to nearby Paris and its elegant Haussmanian buildings. Not only the food and wine culture, but also the design and architecture make this city an ideal destination for lovers of beauty in all its forms.
The villa, which with its 800 square metres welcomes the new multi-brand store, is inextricably linked to this atmosphere of authentic refinement – the building dating back to 1800 stands out in a lush garden, like an excerpt from a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett – thanks also to Silvera’s choice to keep some characteristic historical elements, such as the parquet, coatings, fireplaces and mouldings, which are unchanged within the broader space renovation project signed by the Bordeaux architect Ludovic Cochet. From the kitchen to the living room, from the bedroom to the study with the library, Silvera Bordeaux therefore intends to recreate a classic family residence, divided into its traditional domestic environments, but united by a stimulating and immersive mood, intended for individuals, design enthusiasts as well as architects, interior designers and professionals.


Poliform seamlessly fits into the exhibition project through its infinite elegance, reflected in its shapes, material combinations, and delicate colour palette that interacts harmoniously with the architectural space. Freely expressing its contemporary living concept, in which pure lines balance both an aesthetic and functional value, through the entire house, according to a coherent and complete stylistic narrative.
In the new Silvera Bordeaux store, it is up to the Artex kitchen to embody Poliform’s concept of conviviality: on the ground floor, its essential volumes and large surfaces stand out, enhanced by the finishes and materials.
Whereas, on the first floor, the living space is punctuated by the living areas, dominated by large upholstered furniture such as the Brera and Saint Germain systems that provide versatile, transversal relaxation for everyday life, interspersed with the dining area that features the large Concorde dining table, surrounded by Grace chairs.
The sleeping area continues in a uniform style and atmosphere, with the sober subtlety of the Kelly bed, and enriched by the Mathieu desk that combines practicality with a highly decorative identity. Framing these “furnishing panels” are the large systems: Lexington in the living area, Cover in the sleeping area, all the way to the spacious walk-in wardrobe combining Lexington with Ego wardrobes.
This is how Poliform with Silvera Bordeaux offers new dreamlike environments, which can only be visited by appointment.

Silvera Bordeaux
84, rue Turenne, 33000, Bordeaux


Architecture and design
at the Venice Biennale


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