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Poliform_Study 01_A_1200x7650

An innovative design project by David Thulstrup

An innovative design project by David Thulstrup

David Thulstrup designs four installations for Poliform Lab

“Poliform Lab is conceived as an idea center and a window into the world of Poliform so I wanted to use the glass spaces within the showroom to show the furniture range in a new light, staged around four evocative themes”, says David Thulstrup, principal of the Copenhagen-based Studio David Thulstrup.He wanted to shake it up by showcasing Poliform out of the usual context, introducing more playful color and fabric combinations and reconfiguring the spaces. “I wanted to think outside the box to make people more aware of what’s inside the glass boxes”, he says. “While upholding the openness and transparency I wanted visitors to feel they are entering a space that feels removed from its surroundings and to provoke curiosity about what’s inside”, says Thulstrup.Four studies that, as part of the experimentation process for the company’s brand experience, showcase Poliform’s furnishings and style with original combinations of materials and colours. Beyond the glass walls, each design resembles a contemporary diorama that will stimulate the visitor’s curiosity and creativity.The first study is inspired by the colours of the sky, sea and earth and narrates a relaxed and calming atmosphere. An intense turquoise blue serves as a background for three versions of the Santa Monica armchair, upholstered with contemporary textures and positioned alongside small glossy-finish tables and natural aged-leather pouffes.Set in a voluptuous and sophisticated sitting room, the second study boasts subtle metropolitan style. The elegant, dark-purple flooring and walls covered with walnut panels and faux fur bring out the white shades and marble of the Sydney collection, which boasts contemporary and original style much like the multicultural city it is named after.Nocturnal and romantic, the third study brings pastel colours and light, airy fabrics to the bedroom, with a polished, architectural Carrara marble wall, serving as the backdrop. The Dream bed takes centre stage here, dividing the space with its wide headboard covered with soft, lemon-colour suede on one side and natural durmast oak on the other.The fourth study is a creative combination that embodies—to the letter—the very definition of Poliform Lab as a laboratory of ideas, mixing steel, glass, painted durmast oak and stone with terrazzo detail. Akin to chemical elements that make up all substances, Poliform furniture materials are neatly displayed in a glass case.

Poliform_Study 01_A_1200x7650
Poliform_Study 01_B_1200x7650
Poliform_Study 01_C_1200x7650
Poliform_Study 02_A_1200x7650
Poliform_Study 02_B_1200x7650
Poliform_Study 02_C_1200x7650
Poliform_Study 03_A_1200x7650
Poliform_Study 03_B_1200x7650
Poliform_Study 04_A_1200x7650
Poliform_Study 04_B_1200x7650

Poliform Lyon celebrates the new outdoor collection


Architecture and design
at the Venice Biennale


Poliform Lab: the restyling of the corporate showroom

10_DSC_0320 copy_hires_caldo0

New arrangement for the Poliform showroom in Singapore

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Private apartment, Grand Hotel Alpina, Gstaad.

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