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Stylebook 2021

Stylebook 2021

Poliform presents its new Stylebook, a volume that acts as a presentation of the latest developments, an expression of the brand's taste and an up-close look of what helps define it.

The rooms follow one after another, characterised by that timeless elegance that expresses Poliform’s style in a universal formula and takes form in products where design and functionality are studied down to the smallest detail, for absolute quality.

The book is available for download in the Catalogues section of the website.

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Poliform_NEWS_092021_STYLEBOOK_1920x1080px_4 1
Poliform_NEWS_092021_STYLEBOOK_1920x1080px_5 1
Poliform_NEWS_092021_STYLEBOOK_1920x1080px_6 1
Poliform_NEWS_092021_STYLEBOOK_1920x1080px_7 1

The protagonist is a modernist villa, a place of calm where spaces dominated by light, natural materials and soft lines give form to a highly contemporary comfort.


Architecture and design
at the Venice Biennale


Poliform Lab: the restyling of the corporate showroom

10_DSC_0320 copy_hires_caldo0

New arrangement for the Poliform showroom in Singapore

Poliform_Study 01_A_1200x7650

An innovative design project by David Thulstrup

01__MG_9990 OK0

Private apartment, Grand Hotel Alpina, Gstaad.

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