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Elle Decor Grand Hotel

Elle Decor Grand Hotel

Invisible Rooms by Neri&Hu

On 5 October, “Elle Decor Grand Hotel – Invisible Rooms” will open in Milan’s fashion quadrangle, set up at Palazzo Morando and project by the international studio Neri&Hu.
Now in its third edition, it stems from an idea by Elle Decor Italia, the international design and trend magazine, and from considerations on the constantly evolving concept of the hotel industry. It takes its inspiration from travel and discovery, central theme of Italo Calvino’s novel “Invisible Cities”.
A cult novel for generations of architects and designers, it has become the occasion for Neri&Hu to recreate an imaginary world inside a historical Milanese palazzo, in order to amaze the XXI century traveller, thanks to the narration developed at a design and visual level, that integrates with the functions of the different rooms. Poliform was wholly responsible for creating the interiors, from the forest-lounge, to the nave restaurant for the perfect collective banquet, from the voyeur-room to the collector’s self-portrait library, finally reaching the courtyard and rediscovering the sky and memory of the city.
Standard products like the Bristol sofa, the Gaston armchairs and the Artex kitchen combined with custom products for a genuine pop-up hotel open to everyone, which invites you to drop in for a cup of tea in line with Oriental traditions, for a newly inspired, classic aperitif or to experiment an innovative menu created for the event, immersed in an atmosphere where Oriental splendour encounters Western reality. And, where you can find out what’s new in the hotel industry.

“Elle Decor Grand Hotel” 
Palazzo Morando  Via Sant’Andrea, 6 Milano
5-21 October 2018 

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