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18 09 24_OMAR POLIFORM VILLA 03 246_1200x7651

New advertising campaign

New advertising campaign

A picture story of a new way of living and experiencing spaces at home

Dimensions that enclose captivating, elegant and sophisticated atmospheres, a visual narrative of a new way of living and experiencing spaces at home with particular emphasis on the quality of time: Poliform’s concept choice for the new press campaign presented in both Italian and international headlines, from daily newspapers to lifestyle and design magazines.Interiors that reveal an everyday life made of light, sophisticated yet genuine materials, precious yet concrete surfaces, a thoroughly-studied yet far from redundant chromatic and material balance, with a clear reference to the pure simplicity of nordic atmospheres. Lifestyle quality as an essential concept for the creation of residential spaces settled in suggestive cold nordic european  landscapes to ratify the importance of the connection with the surrounding environment.A communication strategy characterized by a renovated visual layout that aims to emphasize the expressive identity of the brand.

18 09 24_OMAR POLIFORM VILLA 03 246_1200x7651

Architecture and design
at the Venice Biennale

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