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Poliform Hong Kong

Poliform Hong Kong

Poliform is opening its new monobrand showroom in Hong Kong, a vibrant city home to a captivating jumble of vastly different companies.

The area is spread out over 3 floors where each single piece of furniture embodies a vision that is always contemporary and goes beyond the boundaries of time and trends. For more than 70 years, Poliform has realised each and every one of its projects with this spirit in mind. Offering modern materials and brand-new combinations of shapes, colours, finishes and details reflects a comprehensive expression of modern design deeply rooted in the company’s long tradition. Poliform continues to reflect its pure Italian identity wherever it goes, because only in this way will it be understood and appreciated in all countries and cultures.The inauguration, which represented an opportunity to celebrate the tenth anniversary of ViA and Poliform’s collaborative partnership, took place with more than 300 exclusive guests in attendance, including influential figures from the world of design, art and culture.


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