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Audi City Lab

Audi City Lab

Light, technology and innovation are the keywords of the project conceived for Audi City Lab by Marcel Wanders studio, which connects visitors emotionally with the imagery and contents of Audi’s world. An experiential path that starts with a sensorial tunnel and continues with the showroom presenting the two new Audi models, where the light explodes and takes on the architectural function of an immaterial wall. The last room is a lounge with a softer and more muted atmosphere; an area dedicated to relax that has been entirely furnished with Poliform’s products: Mad Queen and Mad Joker armchairs, by Marcel Wanders studio, highlight a choice of materials that Audi offers for the seats of its cars. Poliform completes the lounge room with other products like Soori coffee table by Soo Chan and the modular Westside sofa by Jean-Marie Massaud.

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“Enlightening the future” is part of the exhibition event Creative Connections by INTERNI.

Enlightening the future
Audi City Lab, via della Spiga 26, Milan
5- 27 September 2021



Architecture and design
at the Venice Biennale

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