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Poliform Book 2019

Poliform Book 2019

Poliform's editorial project, dedicated to style and brand culture, continues with the second volume of its Poliform Book.

Established last year as part of a long term strategy that encompasses the entire company’s communication process, Poliform Book is a tool designed for a specialist audience looking for inspiration for their work. 
Recognised as a new innovative communication tool aimed at representing a lifestyle that embodies the brand’s philosophy, the first edition won the ADG Laus Oro prize, a prestigious accolade awarded in Spain each year by the Asociación de Diseñadores Gráficos y Directores de Arte el FAD.
A timeless demonstration and result of research into shapes, colours and textures that combine two series of interiors based on shots of products with a stimulating collection of content produced by internationally renowned artists.The second edition focuses on order; that unique, personal way we all have of arranging things next to one another and displaying items to create and restore harmony; in other words, enjoying one’s own space. With the aid of illustrations, an array of photographs and writings by artists and researchers, Poliform is presenting its collection of research work carried out within the company. Research which is not limited solely to technological and project development but is principally a study of lifestyle and living culture. 
An important aspect for an organisation which has always focused on people and their needs.

STYLEBOOK 183_news_1200x765

Architecture and design
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