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Poliform Lyon

Poliform Lyon

Poliform in collaborazione con Rbc, partner consolidato leader in Francia nel settore del design contemporaneo, apre un nuovo showroom a Lione.

Poliform is opening a new showroom in Lyon in partnership with Rbc, consolidated leader in France in the field of contemporary design.   Located in the centre of this World Heritage city just a few steps from Place Bellecour, the space is the result of a complete renovation of a sumptuous 18th century building that combines Borgogne stones, vaulted rooms and ancient woodwork.  The showroom is next to the historic Rbc Cube Orange store opened in 2010, which will maintain a different mission that is more oriented towards a professional target. The new space features a highly innovative approach that allows customers to project themselves into a representation of a home with accessories that change with the seasons.Indeed, it is a complete representation of the Poliform collection that conveys the design concept of a “Poliform Home” comprised of systems and furnishing accessories for each area of the house: bookcases, containers, wardrobes, beds, kitchens and upholstered furniture.

Poliform Lyon1
rue Colonel Chambonnet
69002 Lyon

01_Poliform RBC Showroom 65_1200x76514
02_Poliform RBC Showroom 54
03_Poliform RBC Showroom 03
04 Poliform RBC 19 09 19 02
05_Poliform RBC Showroom 04
06_Poliform RBC Showroom 01
07_Poliform RBC 19 09 19 13
08_Poliform RBC 19 09 19 04
09_Poliform RBC 19 09 19 06
10_Poliform RBC Showroom 07
11_Poliform RBC 19 09 19 15
12_Poliform RBC 19 09 19 20
13_Poliform RBC 19 09 19 08
14_Poliform RBC Showroom 62

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