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Poliform ad Expo 2015 25 08 2015 2 125931

Poliform at Expo

Poliform at Expo

A partnership with Studio Arthur Casas for the Brazilian Pavilion

A pavilion which spans over 4,000 m2 comprising an interactive network which connects the first three floors and allows visitors to interact with their surroundings: this is the image with which Brazil wanted to present itself at Expo Milano 2015. “Feeding the world with solutions” is the theme picked by this South American country, which is today a world leader in the "network" agricultural production industry connecting farmers, distributors and retailers.
This project by Studio Arthur Casas, in partnership with Atelier Marko Brajovic, winner of the public tender held by the Institudo de Arquitetos do Brasil (IAB), places the utmost focus on the environment. It is not just the setting that was built using sustainable and eco-friendly materials, but the installation process and commissioning of the facility were also low environmental impact, just like the dismantling will be when the event is over.
The facility comprises two bodies: one is in the open air, planted with trees and vegetable patches, which visitors can observe from the top thanks to a trail which is accessed along a suspended net walkway. The other body is covered and instead houses a theatre, some workshops and service amenities including a bar and restaurant area situated on the top floor of the facility.
Poliform Contract contributed towards furnishing the two areas set aside for visitor refreshments and relaxation, devising Corian tables and hide chairs for the restaurant, as well as chairs and tables with a metal and Corian top for the bar area. These customised creations in conjunction with Studio Arthur Casas demonstrate once again the ability of Poliform’s Contract division to offer sophisticated furnishings designed not just for private homes but also for public and recreational areas.

Poliform ad Expo 2015 25 08 2015 2 125931
Poliform ad Expo 2015 25 08 2015 2 125926
Poliform ad Expo 2015 25 08 2015 2 125927
Poliform ad Expo 2015 25 08 2015 2 125928
Poliform ad Expo 2015 25 08 2015 2 125929
Poliform ad Expo 2015 25 08 2015 2 125930

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Poliform_Study 01_A_1200x7650

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