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Parigi D Days 2015 2 125696

Paris, D’Days 2015

Paris, D’Days 2015

“Dressing, Histoires de Design” at Silvera Poliform showroom

The 15th D’Days event recently finished, the design festival which involves the Paris showrooms of the main companies in the furnishing industry every year.
The theme for this year was “Expérience” which Silvera Poliform decided to interpret through the “Dressing, Histoires de Design” setting. The installation focused on the historical wardrobe Io, designed by Paolo Piva in 1989 and the latest model of the Poliform wardrobe collection, Fitted, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni.
The personality of Io, a wardrobe that exalts handiwork, with attention to meticulous detail both in terms of its design and the internal accessories and the absolute minimalism of Senzafine, an evolved modular system of wardrobes that fits into all spaces, transformed the Silvera Poliform showroom into a meeting place of tradition and modernity for a few days.

SILVERA Poliform
33 rue du Bac – 75007 Paris

Parigi D Days 2015 2 125696
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