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One theme, several projects, a single "mark". The armchair, as explained by Jean-Marie Massaud.

30 May – 04 June 2106, 10 – 9 pm
Poliform Silvera – 33 rue du Bac – 75007 Paris

Immediate and evocative, unique and therefore unmistakable: this is a description of the design style of Jean Marie Massaud, the characteristic “mark” that the multiple armchairs he has designed over recent years for Poliform have in common. A special commitment, dedicated to the piece of furniture that plays the starring role in the living room, tied closely to our everyday lives, to those moments when you rest, read, chat or simply chill. The expression of a specific design path that explores the use of various different materials and
technical solutions, in the unwavering pursuit of an ever-new balance between modernity and tradition.

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