Poliform Lab: the restyling of the corporate showroom

Poliform’s corporate showroom reopens completely renovated and enriched with all the novelties of the Preview 2021 collection.

Born ten years ago from the commercial need of representing all the collections in a unique space, the showroom is hosted at the Poliform Lab, the center of ideas where trends and styles are born, as well as the place where the brand’s identity and lifestyle vision finds its maximum expression. The restyling gives even more space to the settings. In a fluid tour that goes through kitchens, living rooms and night areas, architecture and furnishings declare the richness and versatility of Poliform’s proposal, proving its ability to satisfy the demands and needs of both domestic and contract environments such as hotels, hospitality areas, airports and lounges. The stylistic choices portray the new trends with lighter tones and soft atmospheres where Poliform’s identity is always recognizable. Two lounge areas, conceived as spaces of relaxation and reflection, interpret two concepts through different material and chromatic combinations.Conceived more as an experimental place than as a simple exhibition setting, the showroom not only aims to introduce new products, but also to stir emotions and inspire customers, designers and partners. The Lab’s proposals become in fact the source of inspiration for the design of showrooms and monobrand stores around the world.

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