Poliform Lab Showroom

The Poliform Lab Showroom acts as a stage for furnishings to take leading roles as actors playing out their dramatic, lively scenes.

Throughout the restyled showroom, new products provide complete furnishing solutions with fresh design ideas that offer unprecedented options, representing the values at the core of Poliform's corporate identity. The modern layout extends across a contemporary living area that explores innovative new texture options through the use of finishes with superior tactile appeal. An additional bedroom area is marked by discrete elegance and total comfort. The space is a concept to reflect current trends that are increasingly tied to individual interpretations. Within three glass boxes that line the visitors path, they can experience sensations to fulfil their expression. The Lab Showroom is also filled with areas possessing a strong feeling of being at home in a natural state where furnishings and materials liaise strongly with the landscape through the use of plants, objects and lighting with seasonal inspiration.