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Silvera Marseille

Silvera Marseille

Poliform's new store in Marseille reinforces the company's presence in France and its historic collaboration with partner Silvera.

An even greater presence on the bustling French market and an even more mutually beneficial relationship with partner Silvera. Poliform further boosts its retail exposure in the Silvera Marseille store, with a dedicated space of 220 m2. The Marseille shop can be found in the very central rue Paradis, one of the most celebrated addresses in the city as a historical landmark of the Marseille bourgeoisie, traces of which remain in the elegant atmosphere and modernist architecture, but also because of the exclusive boutiques that line the street. The new Poliform exhibition space is in alignment with this allure. From the windows on the ground floor you can sense the elegance and refined design of its collections, which recreate the ideal of a complete home.


 Among new products and best sellers, there are two settings for the living area, made cosy and convivial by the modular Brera and Saint Germain systems, alongside the dining area and its functional complements, up to the sleeping area where the large wardrobes of the SenzaFine systems dominate. An immersive living environment designed by Poliform that finds its finale in the range of kitchen proposals.

Silvera Marseille

119 Rue Paradis
13006 Marseille, France


Architecture and design
at the Venice Biennale


Conversation with Max Strang + Dan Rubinstein

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