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Poliform contract projects

Poliform contract projects

Contract and architects take centre stage in Poliform's new editorial series.

Poliform releases the new editorial series dedicated to the most ambitious projects which were part of the Contract division works.
Four volumes including the photographic book and magazine which you can browse and download, as of today, from the relevant section on the website.

The first volume is dedicated to the Hotel Mar Adentro in San José del Cabo, Mexico, a resort with floating buildings overlooking the ocean, narrated by the architect, Miguel Ángel Aragonés. The second volume focuses on the iconic Hotel Lutetia in Paris, grand hotel on the rive gauche with over a century of history, which was restored in 2018 by Jean-Michel Wilmotte. The third volume talks about the residential project Casa Mi, by Daluz González Architekten, an incredible villa overlooking Lake Zurich. Lastly, the fourth one focuses on one of the most recent projects: the IYO Aalto restaurant in the Torre Solaria in Milan, designed by Maurizio Lai for Claudio Liu, the first Italian restaurateur to achieve a Michelin star for Japanese cooking.

The volumes combine the words of the architect, interviewed for the occasion, with a photographic reportage. Printed in limited edition, they are available in digital format as of today.

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