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Poliform is the Italian cabinetry and interior design firm, located near Lake Como, that since the ‘70s produces hand-crafted, high-end products where unparalleled quality meets the attention to detail, to create an iconic and stylish collection. 

Human company

First and foremost, Poliform is a company of people. The human dimension is the measure of everything – design, production, relationships with partners and customers – today as in 1970. That is when the story began, that of a family as much as of a business.


Special projects, the latest designs, new openings, catalogues and press campaigns, events and presentations all over the world. A constantly updated section about the Poliform universe.


An editorial project that expresses our idea of style to inspire designers in their work and people in their choices.
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For more information on contract products and projects and for any inquiries about the company, please visit the contact section of the website.