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Poliform 2020 advertising campaign

Poliform 2020 advertising campaign

Launch of the new Poliform 2020 advertising campaign.

A feeling of harmony, beauty and know-how come together in the images of the new Poliform advertising campaign whose international début is planned for April in hard copy, on the web and in social media.
Panoramas that capture the intensity of the Mediterranean landscape and guide you towards an ambience where architecture and furnishings blend into one and each room is designed around those who will live in it.
Rooms that flow into one another – living room, dining room, kitchen, dressing room, bedrooms – linked to one another by an aesthetic look identified in its essential lines and measured proportions, harmonious shades and subtle shapes, prestigious materials and cherished details.
The central key is a search for a smooth flow between inside and out with a fine demarcation line defined by vast windows with wooden frames that project the living areas outwards, and the use of patios with plants alternating with curved, enveloping walls that create night areas and cosier surroundings.
A culture of know-how in constant tune with the present day and a craftsmanship that, day after day, redefines our idea of living.

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Poliform Lyon celebrates the new outdoor collection


Architecture and design
at the Venice Biennale


Conversation with Max Strang + Dan Rubinstein

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