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A matter of taste


The Poliform style project is distilled in these two words, linking the rooms of the house together through a coherent and distinctive style. A style composed of minimalist lines, harmonious colours, sophisticated materials and precious details, in the firm belief that the quality of style improves the living experience.


Harmony in details

A villa that lies between land and sea, amidst the quietness of authentic and spontaneous nature which reveals itself to visitors, who become admiring spectators.


Calming retreat

An intimate place, a space of calm and inspiration for regenerating. A modernist villa where spaces dominated by light, natural materials and soft lines give form to contemporary comfort.


Hidden gardens

A home that is radical yet archaic, where the landscape also asserts itself on the interior. Blending classicism and modernism, the purity of lines and tactile appeal of textures, natural colours and polished accents.

Poliform_lifestyle_nordic_spirit_anteprima_1920x1080px 1

Nordic spirit

A simple yet absolutely experimental architectural design recreates a Scandinavian atmosphere that is far removed from clichés and faithful to the most authentic Nordic spirit. With a cultural approach preceding an aesthetic one.


Iconic skyline

The skyscraper is an icon of contemporaneity, just like minimal style. Here, the interiors respond to the skyline, giving a voice to a new sort of classicism, where spaces are interconnected through flexible systems and neutral tones.


A modernist villa

Modernist references and the focus on landscape. Open spaces are dominated by light and natural materials such as stone, wood and glass. An exclusive architectural design where contrasts are recomposed – the purity of lines with organic forms, pale with dark, elegance with minimalism.


Life in the city

Modernist references and the focus on landscape. Open spaces dominated by light and elegance in the classic sense, beyond time and space. A neutral palette illuminated by splashes of colour, pale shades with dark hues, an essential aesthetic that replenishes minimalism with new meanings.

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