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“Incontri” in Milan

“Incontri” in Milan

A new meeting, a new opportunity to know, experience, get excited.

The third event of Poliform’s communication project entitled “Incontri” is on stage, and this time it is the setting of the city of Milan that hosts it. After the debut events in London, first, and Paris, then, the Milanese capital of design welcomes the project with all its creative potential and inspiration.
Through “Incontri”, in fact, Poliform has created a series of events in which the worlds related and dear to the company can meet and merge favorably: design, fashion, art and photography come into contact offering new design horizons, broadening perspectives and stimulating new forms of expression. Paolo Roversi, with his gaze able to penetrate reality and capture a new dimension on film, inaugurated the project, reaffirming the lasting bond with the company, but also the affinity between its art and furnishings.

In Milan, an exclusive dinner at the PAC – Pavilion of Contemporary Art becomes the scene of this show dedicated to the infinite boundaries of creativity; protagonists, selected guests who gravitate in this universe where every artistic reality, including luxury fashion and luxury lifestyle publishing, can harmoniously coexist.


Architecture and design
at the Venice Biennale


Conversation with Max Strang + Dan Rubinstein

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