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Nordic spirit

Nordic spirit

A simple yet absolutely experimental architectural design recreates a Scandinavian atmosphere that is far removed from clichés and faithful to the most authentic Nordic spirit. With a cultural approach preceding an aesthetic one.

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The living room features neutral colours and natural materials that interact with the external landscape visible from the large windows. The minimalist architectural ambience is enhanced by furniture expressing a linear design: the earthy hues of the sofa evoke warmth alongside coffee tables with natural marble tops.

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As in the living room, the fireplace is also the central element in the study. The small space creates a more intimate atmosphere: the armchairs encourage conversation or relaxation, the day bed enhances the pleasure of reading.

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The sculpture-table is the centrepiece of the dining area, flanked by chairs with slender and modern lines. The circle is an archetypal shape repeated in the table base and in the backrest of the chairs.


The kitchen island is minimal yet complete: it houses the sink and hobs, while the peninsula is equipped as a worktop. The hood is a system comprising extractor-lighting, spice rack, and plant grow light modules – to be cared for like a garden.


The wardrobe area, with its double-pitched ceiling, references a typically Nordic symbolism. Maximum discretion with closed wardrobes facing each other and creating a small central relaxation area.

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Sensations of peace also characterise the bedroom, where the furnishings are minimalist yet warm and welcoming. The fully upholstered bed features enveloping lines that recall the curves of the bedside tables and armchairs.

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