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Life in the city

Life in the city

Modernist references and the focus on landscape. Open spaces dominated by light and elegance in the classic sense, beyond time and space. A neutral palette illuminated by splashes of colour, pale shades with dark hues, an essential aesthetic that replenishes minimalism with new meanings.

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In the living room, the palette of greys that connects plaster and upholstery to the furniture is illuminated by brass accessories and warmed by the sophisticated blue velvet of the armchairs.

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Material contrasts and clean lines for the dining area. The focus is on details such as the workmanship of the table top and the broguering stitching of the chairs, which are completely upholstered in leather.

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The purity of white meets the minimalism of straight lines. Warmth is assured by the wooden accessories such as the naturally contoured breakfast bar top and stool seats.


Tidy and spacious, the study corner is ideal for concentrating on work. The furniture is understated: next to the desk, the living room system is partly configured as a bookcase and partly made up of closed containers.


The room is designed like a hotel suite: large glass walls separate the bed area from the living room. The bedroom is made even more intimate by the choice of an upholstered bed featuring an enveloping headboard. Elegance embodies the textile finishes and the storage elements with sides covered in leather.

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The sophisticated wardrobe with glass doors allows you to glimpse its contents. It creates a wardrobe area that possesses the aesthetics of a walk-in wardrobe and the functionality of a closed cupboard.

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