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The iconic Alea Pro kitchen system is enriched with new elements, inspired by the needs of contemporary living: the new Day Shaker open base units transform the island into a functional center, while countertops of varying thickness give dynamism to the operational areas. Drawers and showcase wall units are reinterpreted in view of an increasingly refined design. Alea Pro reaffirms itself as an evolved and complete system, to be visually integrated with the dining area thanks to the Link sliding doors and customised with a wide range of materials and finishes.

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Central island with Raster doors embossed lacquered arena finishing, worktop in bead blasted Ecosurface grey, channels anodized moka, with embossed lacquered moka plinth. Equipped island with Deep Shaker Plain channel, structure anodized moka and accessories in PaperStone® nero, integrated hood anodized moka and fumé glass. On the base units to the wall and at the ends of the island, Day Shaker open base units with anodized moka and metallic mat lacquered moka structure, pull-out shelves in black elm, sides, backs and bars anodized moka, drawers and pull-out storage baskets, 35 mm thick, in black elm. Worktop in bead blasted Ecosurface grey; on the top, Open wall panelling in black elm and anodized moka. Wall units Light Open with back, top and base in black elm, structural frames anodized moka and fumé glass shelves. Open sides and doors in transparent glass with anodized moka profile, integrated LED light. High tall units with leaf doors, High Ghost tall units with pocket doors in metallic lacquer bronzo and inner compartments in black elm, equipped with ovens and cocktail cabinet. Shelves in mat laminate touch nero, 50 mm thick, with black anodized frame and integrated LED light, equipped with scotch brite steel glass holders, bottle holders, wine set, cocktail set, glass jars. Chest of drawers in black elm with internal Dress System and channels embossed lacquer carbone. Link partition system with sliding opening, black elm panels with moka painted frame and Plus handle.
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