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Looking through the eyes of others

What happens when Poliform design crosses paths with a master of contemporary photography? When two universes, two languages, two visions of the world – on the one hand, that of a company accustomed to working with physical matter, on the other, that of an artist who writes with light? It turns out that objects have a soul, and that photography is able to grasp it. The encounter between Poliform and Paolo Roversi resulted in a series of images that, in turn, depict encounters between models and design objects. Portraits of a woman and a piece of furniture that coexist in space, in an intimacy that has the appearance of a dream.

Paolo Roversi, the master of Light

Paolo Roversi is one of Italy’s greatest photographers, the author of images that have gone down in history. His preferred domain is fashion, and he has a talent for exalting it through timeless images, in which his stylistic signature always remains recognisable. Roversi’s fashion shoots and portraits of models and fashion designers are among the most famous of recent years, because, between light and dark, beyond the blurred contours of the subjects, he manages to capture something vague and elusive: the soul of people, the soul of things.


The soul of design

The exchange between Paolo Roversi and the subject – the model, the design object, the model together with the design object – gives rise to something that goes beyond the mere description of details, beyond the surface of things.

The almost passionate, sentimental encounter between the woman and the Le Club armchair. A dialogue of perfect lines, between light and shadow.

The soul of the subject, the soul of the object and the encounter between the two. An elective affinity that enhances the Jane armchair.

The idea of the Saint-Germain sofa, beyond the sofa itself. A profound quest inspired by human presence.

The portrait of a woman, the portrait of the Curve armchair, the portrait of the two living together in the same space.

An image that comes to life like in a dream – the dream of perfect intimacy between the person and the Brera sofa.

A story of a sentimental encounter where the leading light is the Mondrian sofa.

A game of looks that unites the observer, the woman and the Wallace armchair.

The harmony of a group of sculptures: the woman and the Concorde table.

The relaxed intimacy that is created between the Seattle stool and the female figure.




In a global world based on communication, a brand must look beyond its borders, open up to new experiences, and dare to be different. Meeting the brightest minds of one’s time is the most effective way to nurture creativity, because the dialogue between photography, fashion, social media, art and architecture can only generate a unique and powerful result. The encounter between Poliform and Paolo Roversi resulted in a series of images that, in turn, depict encounters between models and design objects. A meeting that is also recounted in a book.

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