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R&D Poliform, 2022


The peculiarity of the Shindo carpet is its pattern, which looks like a relief but is actually created by the contrast between two materials, wool and silk, which creates a spectacular optical effect. The fibres are woven by hand on a horizontal loom, according to the ancient traditional handloom technique. A perfect complement to Poliform furnishings, Shindo is available in Grey, Natural and Celadon: nuances to match the latest designs in the Poliform catalogue.

Brera sofas with removable cover in fabric Kiala 02 champagne, cushions in fabric Janaki 01 avorio, base and Slim armrest in hide 07 castagna, mat brown nickel feet. Lexington bookcase with black elm and mat ardesia floor-ceiling uprights with levelling feet in nickel ardesia. Shelves in black elm and mat ardesia. Storage units with flap doors and drawers in black elm with handles in nickel ardesia. Mush coffee tables, in the centre, tops in black elm and mat sahara noir marble with polyester finish, black elm structure; next to sofa, top and structure in hide 07 castagna. Ube stools in solid wood stained black elm. Carpet Shindo natural.
Curve table top in mat marble verde lepanto, structure in black elm with crosspiece covered in hide 38 oliva. Curve chairs with armrests, non-removable cover in leather Nabuk oliva and structure in black elm. Carpet Shindo celadon.
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Shindo is available in the Caledon, Natural and Gray variants.

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