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Footrest or freestanding element, the New York pouf is ideal next to the sofa, in the bedroom, or inside the walk-in closet. It is enhanced by the feet forged in a foundry and characterized by hand-stitched seams, a high-tailoring detail.

New York pouf with removable cover in fabric Skyros 02 sabbia and in non-removable leather Soft 10 prugna, glossy brown nickel feet. Ubik walk-in closet with backs in 94 latte mat lacquered Skin melamine, equipment in cenere oak melamine, techno leather 05 latte, fumé reflecting glass 5059 and painted ardesia.
New York pouf, removable cover in fabric Antea 05 terra di siena. Code wall panelling in fabric lino chiaro with profi les in mat champagne. Circle mirror with frame in hide 02 nero and white mirror.
New York pouf with removable cover in fabric Olimpia 11 polvere and in velvet Persia 1404 carbone, feet in plastic material.
New York pouf with removable cover in fabric Naxos 27 prussia and glossy brown nickel feet.
New York pouf with removable cover in fabric Lipsi 15 prugna, velvet Persia 2006 prugna and in non-removable leather Nabuk 02 tortora, glossy brown nickel feet.
Pouf New York, cover in non-removable leather Soft 1 crema and glossy brown nickel feet. Tall units with doors in fumé glass, black anodized profile and integrated handle painted black.
Pouf New York with removable cover in fabric Zante 10 nero and glossy brown nickel feet. Wardrobe Senzafine Fitted with leaf doors in transparent reflecting glass, mat painted carbone frame and handles. Structure in cenere oak melamine and ardesia painted central frame sides. Shelves in fumé glass with ardesia painted frame and integrated led light. Carpet Frame carbone.

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