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APRIL 18-22 2023



The fifteenth-century architecture of the cloisters of San Simpliciano dialogues with a surface of volcanic lapilli and with the symphony composed for the occasion by Caterina Barbieri, creating an immersive space where you can stop and listen to your senses.

The installation was inspired by a reflection on the relationship between human beings, nature and the landscape; a reflection that also guided the design of the new outdoor collection, presented exclusively

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The result of a long process of research and development, the collection was designed jointly by the designers Jean-Marie Massaud, Emmanuel Gallina, Marcel Wanders and Soo Chan. Each of them has interpreted, according to their sensibilities, the outdoor lifestyle vision of Poliform.

Poliform designs a complete collection of seating, upholstered furniture, tables and coffee tables, complements, accessories and an outdoor kitchen. Inspired by a contemporary lifestyle based on the fluidity of spaces, the collection has the same particularities as indoor collections: elegance, timeless style and excellent design.

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