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Lexington system


The Night Collection suggests relaxation and assures the best quality of life and space. Poliform presents beds, complements, and accessories for the night area. Furnishings that combine elegance and comfort, designed to make the spaces dedicated to intimacy and tranquility, more personal and exclusive.


Designed by Poliform R&D department, Lexington is a pillar-based bedroom system available in two configurations: wall or ceiling, in the latter case with the possibility of designing double-sided compositions finished on both sides. Shelves, drawers, and a wide range of equipment – the same as the Senzafine system – are hooked into the uprights with a champagne or grey slate painted finish.


Shelves, drawers and a wide range of components hook onto the upright system that can be higly personalized in terms of components and finishes, according to the client’s needs. Thanks to the optional arrangement for electricity connection, the shelves and the showcase chests of drawers of Lexington night system can be fitted with led lighting.


Shelves and accessories are finished also on the back, making it possible to design double-sided configurations to be placed in the middle of a space. Lexington it’s a master work in terms of engineering as well as in terms of synthesis and flexibility.


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