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Mild cleaner for all leather types.

  1. Shake the bottle well before using.
  2. Test the product on a hidden area, before starting treatment*.
  3. Apply the product on the sponge provide or on another soft sponge and squeeze it till produces a foam.
  4. Clean the surface in a gentle circular action. On the dirtiest areas, dab well with the sponge; the larger the sponge, the faster the cleaning will be done. When the sponge becomes dirty, rinse it out in clean water.
  5. Remove excess foam and residues with a white cotton cloth or absorbent paper preferably white.
  6. When the surface is clean and dry, it’s recommended to brush with a soft brush or use Nabuk Cleaning Cloth.

* A slight amount of colour transfer is considered normal on very natural leathers like nabuk and suede. After applying Leather Univesal Cleaner the surface will appear darker, the colour will return to its original tone when dry.



Nabuk and suede leather cleaning cloth.
Special ecological resin cloth (to be used dry), efficiently removes surface dirt from nabuk and suede leather.

  1. Unfold well the cloth, wrap around the supplied sponge, or another dry sponge or similar object.
  2. Test the product on a hidden area, before starting treatment.
  3. Rub the surface in different directions (like a brush).
  4. To remove accumulated soiling, increase the pressure in affected area and, if necessary, use Leather Universal Cleaner following instructions.
  5. It’s normal that nabuk and suede leathers leave slight traces of colour.
  6. Replace the cloth in the transparent sachet after use to preserve moisture.

The Nabuk Cleaning Cloth can be used on both side many times. It’s not washable, throw away when both sides are dirty.


Produced for Poliform Spa
by Uniters Spa
via Enrico de Nicola, 1
36075 Montecchio Maggiore (VI) Italy
+39 044 449 909 9
[email protected]

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