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Water-based cleaner.
It cleans the wooden surfaces effectively without affecting the finish. It leaves no deposit.



Restoration lacquer.
It effectively resists the aggression of atmospheric agents. Special UV+ absorbers block ultraviolet radiation on the surface and protect the lignin. Thanks to the self-consuming formula, it prevents flaking.



  1. Remove upholstered and protect non-removable non-wooden parts.
  2. Shake the Water-based Iroko Cleaner detergent bottle.
  3. Spray the Water-based Iroko Cleaner detergent directly on the surface to be cleaned.
  4. Clean the surface using the supplied cloth.
  5. Let it dry before using hydro-oil.
  6. Wear the protective gloves provided and shake the bottle of hydro-oil before use.
  7. Before starting to use the product on a larger area, test the product on an inconspicuous area. Apply the hydro-oil with a brush. After application, wait a few seconds and remove any excess hydro-oil with a cotton cloth to prevent dripping.
  8. Apply Natural iroko hydro-oil or Black stained iroko hydro-oil to the entire wooden surface, depending on the wood type of the product, and let it dry naturally.

The cloth, if not used to clean the hydro-oil, is washable and reusable.

For a better maintenance of the wood’s qualities, it is important to carry out annual maintenance before storage.


Produced for Poliform Spa
by Renner Italia Spa
via Ronchi Inferiore, 34
40061 Minerbio (BO) Italy
+39 051 6618211

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