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JUNE 7-12 2022


Poliform leads the way at Salone del Mobile.Milano

A return in grand style for Poliform at the Salone del Mobile.Milano, the long-awaited event that represents a moment of excellence, interaction and contact with an international audience. The brand’s stand with an area of 1000 square meters is perfectly reflects the company’s philosophy of an elegant, coordinated lifestyle, starting with a central fulcrum – like a piazza – and then extending in an immersive path through Poliform’s inimitable design. New products are the protagonist of every space in this evocative setting, recreating the image of an exclusive villa in a vivid, multisensory approach.

The rhythmical sequence of living areas, bedroom zones, kitchen and service spaces takes on consistency not only through precise stylistic choices, but also through colors and materials that constitute a leitmotif throughout the settings. Neutral accents and soft tones make the atmosphere seductive, warm and familiar, in total synergy with the architecture, which establishes a direct dialogue with the outdoors through large windows facing the surrounding garden. Works of art enhance the outdoor tableau, where not even the smallest details are left to chance.

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For 2022, Poliform is announcing all new developments in an episode narrative format – every day a preview, every day a different setting. Starting on 7 June, Poliform launches this daily appointment which leads to the discovery of its latest furnishing proposals through an unprecedented, entirely digital tour.

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Upholstered furnishings, seating, systems, complements, beds and kitchens. Poliform’s offerings for 2022 form a complete setting for the home environment, where new design developments respond perfectly to changing habitat needs and contemporary stylistic trends. In a coordinated language with a focus on sophisticated elegance.

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