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artex pro 2
R&D Poliform, 2022


Poliform re-interprets the model Artex in the details in the light of a more contemporary and enticing aesthetics. Thus Artex Pro is born, a kitchen with well-marked lines where the tapered edges are sharper and deeper thus of more lightweight. The thicker worktop looks like floating on the base units. Conceived as complete system, Artex Pro is capable of making the operational area coexist with the dining area. The kitchen is completed with the homonymous system of cupboards that intersect with its volumes.



Poliform presents the evolution of the Deep Shaker system and the Bold top with increased thickness with which to create new layouts. A versatile system capable of improving the functionality of the island and the tall units, from the simplest fully-equipped channel to the retractable system, along with the double-sided system to the one integrated in the tall units, the Deep Shaker fits into all Poliform kitchens.

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