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Art of the Kitchen

Poliform’s talent is its know-how, a capacity that combines culture and knowledge and which, before becoming a gesture, is a design idea. In the kitchen this art is found in finely designed systems that meet people requirements and satisfy the senses day by day.

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The kitchen is a particular place, the only one in the house that has a specific function: preparing food. There are many models, all designed to simplify workflows and put people and their needs at the centre.
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Rinsing, washing, dampening, wetting, boiling. In the kitchen, water plays a leading role, as does the sink and worktops, which stand out for technical excellence and durability.
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The idea of food also passes through the act of cooking and its thousands of variations. This is why hobs and their most contemporary evolutions, between innovative materials and dedicated accessories, represent the centre of every kitchen.
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Attention to quality of life is also measured through silence and cleanliness of the air, two properties that are difficult to perceive that make the time spent in the kitchen much more pleasant.
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To be preserved, food needs special conditions of temperature, lighting, and humidity. Or special solutions like the wine cellar, which preserves aromas, colours and flavours.
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The secret of every kitchen is organization, the perfect interaction between the elements that increases its usefulness and improves the overall experience. Because everything is easier when everything is at hand, thanks to a variety of specific equipment.
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The kitchen hides details of great quality such as accessories, which multiply spaces and functionalities to meet all the needs of reorganization and storage.
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In the kitchen, order has conquered every area – in the name of attention to the environment and an ecological sensitivity that can have a concrete impact on the future, one gesture at a time.
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Spices, seeds, and legumes. Fruits with vivid colours and vegetables with the strangest shapes. The kitchen is first and foremost a place where beauty peeks out from everywhere, including shelves and Shakers – offered in a wide range of finishes.
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In the kitchen there is no wasted space, neither outside nor inside the storage areas, because modularity and dimensions are optimized so that everything has its place.
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Even in the kitchen there are treasures to keep – from ceramics to glassware, from antique sets to icons of contemporary design. Objects with a high perceived value that must be protected and enhanced with display cabinets and lights.
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Eating is an act that involves all the senses with flavours, aromas, colours, tactile sensations, and sounds. The kitchen is therefore the sensory space par excellence, where rationality and emotion meet, and function and aesthetics are in perfect balance.


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