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Iconic skyline

Iconic skyline

The skyscraper is an icon of contemporaneity, just like minimal style. Here, the interiors respond to the skyline, giving a voice to a new sort of classicism, where spaces are interconnected through flexible systems and neutral tones.


In the living room, the selection of furnishings favours modern forms and materials. The sofa, suspended on slender feet, blends horizontality with lightness while the armchairs stand tall on metal bases.


The social space features exclusive finishes: the tabletop with sculptural base is crafted from marble, and the chairs are completely upholstered in leather. The glossy-finish red sideboard provides an accent that is full of character.


The kitchen is also contemporary and minimal. Neutral shades and polished finishes interact with the skyline that is visible through the large window. The round breakfast bar creates an intimate corner dedicated to quick meals.


Glass and metal characterise the wardrobe area. The island chest of drawers completes the walk-in wardrobe, featuring a succession of open and closed compartments.


The bedroom is an alcove characterised by calm and relaxing tones. The bed with the padded headboard and the armchairs create corners of relaxation and peace.

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