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Calming retreat

Calming retreat

An intimate place, a space of calm and inspiration for regenerating. A modernist villa where spaces dominated by light, natural materials and soft lines give form to contemporary comfort.


In the living room, the right angles of the architecture give way to the curved lines of sofas, armchairs and accessories. Fabric and leather upholstery, textile accessories such as rugs and natural finishes add a new tactile dimension to the aesthetic quality.


The dining area is designed in continuity with the living room. The style is essential yet haute couture thanks to fine materials and excellent details.


The kitchen features a natural inspiration and an innovative approach. The central island and the work area are covered in a cutting-edge material with a stone effect that creates striking volumes.


The second living room is more intimate: the daytime upright system delimits a quiet space dedicated to reading and relaxation.


Everything in the walk-in closet is personalised. The night system adapts to the environment with architectural perfection, while the sofas, chosen in continuity with the living area, make the passage from one area to another of the villa fluid.


The essential style of the bedroom is restful for the eyes and the mind. The finishes are precious, like the linen fabric panelling.