Night complements 10

The night furnishings: the definition of the variety. Ten different proposals, ten ideas for the night area that combine function and design. "Dedicated" containers are stylistically consistent with the Poliform beds for a system dedicated to rest. The collection Gio, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, is characterized by the aesthetic details inspired by the Italian design defined by icon Gio Ponti. The wood and the marble meet in a perfect combination with well-balanced lines, giving you unique suggestions. The Dream collection (designed by Marcel Wanders), is a refined combination of a variety of tables, a round bedside table with a fabric-covered lid, a bench and a writing desk. The night furnishings of the Onda collection, with the design by CR&S Poliform, are the result of stylistic research that verges on the combination of natural elements such as stone and wood: typical components of the tradition, but in this role they fit perfectly in the context of the contemporary design. The containers for the night area of the You collection, designed by D&T, give shape to a beauty that lies in its simplicity. There are endless combinations of shapes and colors for the collection of the Pandora Night cupboards with doors and drawers, designed by Jean Marie Massaud.
An elevated container with an impeccable style, the Victor collection designed by Mario Mazzer, knows how to combine functionality with beauty. The Abbinabili collection has great practical spirit. Its large-scale dimensions make it even easier to organize your essentials. The Teo collection is designed by Paolo Piva and includes a bedside table and a wooden chest of drawers available in wood or in colored matte lacquer, becoming a natural complement to any kind of furniture. Ego is the name of the mirror whose design is made to realize an essential and strong interiority. Universal, as suitable for any kind of furniture, yet unique, thanks to the clean lines that erect an aesthetic bridge between the classic and the modern, to reflect the true self of those who choose it. Sara is a mirror designed by Flaviano Capriotti: essential, universal, familiar, suited to complement the furniture that you prefer with a single simple touch.