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11-12 november 2023


Two days of encounters, discussions and debates on the theme of “Illimite.” The new iteration of TEDxLakeComo includes the participation of Poliform once again, in the shared mission of spreading the value of ideas.

Not just design, but above all culture. Poliform returns alongside TEDxLakeComo as partner of the event, held on 11 and 12 November at Villa Erba. As moments of discussion, reflection and knowledge, the programs of TEDx replicate the successful format of the international TED talks on a local level. Above, they share in the same mission of research, discovery and transmission of valuable ideas. TEDx (where the “x” stands for an event organized independently) interprets the spirit that has driven this non-profit organization for 31 years, shifting it into local communities to trigger debates and conversations, stimulating dialogue through experiences in the TED style but on a local level, involving dozens of speakers having very different backgrounds. TEDxLakeComo was the first TEDx event organized in Italy. Today, at its 13th iteration, it represents a source of inspiration for all those who want to think, research, innovate, create and experiment, in order to contribute to a better tomorrow.

Poliform is again taking an active part in the production of the event in 2023, confirming a shared vision through support for the promotion of the value of ideas. The company embraces the guiding theme of this year’s program, “Illimite,” an invented term that applies to our time of junctions and turning points, full of challenges but also of great opportunities – an invitation to reinterpret the old and to explore the new. The company comes to grips with this type of thinking on a daily basis, giving it concrete form through design.

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