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Corporate Governance structure

Poliform’s long history has allowed a family-owned company to structure itself over the years, both internally and as an internationally renowned brand – to be found today in showrooms, flagship stores and foreign subsidiaries in an increasing number of countries.

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The company has maintained its principles involving all internal and external stakeholders and structured a governance model that fully reflects its values and allows to effectively pursue its goals.

Poliform’s governance is structured is such a way to “give space” to the various skills. To guarantee the best possible management outcome, each Function Manager is responsible for governing a specific process. The CEO is effectively supported by an underlying managerial organization to streamline decision-making processes. Sales, marketing and communication, finance and industrial production processes report directly to the Board of Directors. Sustainability is integrated into all decision-making processes; all management figures are strongly involved in sustainability issues, involvement driven both by company executives and by customers’ and other relevant stakeholders’ requirements. 

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The company has defined specific organizational charts for the management of those issues strictly connected with the environment and occupational health and safety; among the professional figures that report directly to the Board of Directors we find the Head of the Environmental Management System (RSGA in Italian) and the Head of the Prevention and Protection Service (RSPP in Italian). The role of these department heads is to effectively govern environmental and health and safety risks, ensure full legislative compliance and, wherever possible, implement improvement measures.

The presence of said figures demonstrates the company commitment to deal with socio-environmental issues with a concrete and pro-active approach. The company has drawn up a charter of corporate values, which lists the fundamental principles of our business philosophy:



The solidity of Poliform and its continuous expansion in international markets have resulted in a steady growth over time, demonstrated by the trend of the economic performance. The economic value directly generated was calculated by reclassifying the revenue account. The main component of said value is revenues. It is to be noted that the only interruption in this trend of steady growth was recorded in the year 2020 due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

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The pandemic scenario caused a decline in production and sales volumes at an international level, nevertheless, the decline in turnover was limited to 7% compared to 2019, thanks to the solidity of the company. In 2021 Poliform resumed a journey of steady growth demonstrated by the turnover generated, equal to 205 million Euros, an increase of 22% compared to the previous year and 16% compared to 2019.

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The same trend was recorded for the distributed economic value. Operating costs have, in fact, grown in value proportionally to the generated turnover, in the same manner, the cost of employees’ wages and benefits has grown in relation to the increase of the number of people employed by the company. Payments to capital providers were significantly reduced in the year 2020, this decision permitted to keep the current assets necessary to cope with the pandemic period in the company.