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With a choice of a square or rectangular top with rounded corners or a round top, it comes in different heights and sizes. In the olmo nero version, the thickness of the tabletop is the result of hand crafting. The round and tall version of the coffee table, which is ideal for placing next to the Brera sofa, is also available completely covered in leather.

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Mush coffee tables with black elm and mat Sahara noir marble tops, polyester finish, black elm structure; next to the sofa, top and structure in 07 chestnut leather. Brera sofas with removable cover in Kiala 02 champagne fabric, pillows in Janaki 01 ivory fabric, base and Slim armrest in 07 chestnut leather, mat brown nickel feet.
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Mush coffee tables with black elm and glossy verde lepanto marble tops, black elm structures. This page: close up of the Mush coffee tabletop in mat zecevo marble, structure in black elm.
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Mush coffee tables with black elm and mat zecevo marble tops, black elm structures. Right: Mush coffee table in hide 08 fango and optional tray in black elm.

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