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Art of the Night system

Poliform’s talent is its know-how, a capacity that combines culture and knowledge and which, before becoming a gesture, is a design idea. In the night area this art is found in finely designed systems that meet people requirements and satisfy the senses day by day.

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Wardrobes and walk-in closets are the spaces to which we entrust our clothes. Designed functionally and made with selected materials, they accommodate any type of garment with dedicated accessories.
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Container par excellence, the wardrobe is made up of many modules of different sizes. Inside, each garment has an ideal destination – hung or folded on a shelf or inside a drawer.
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Placing is a simple and universal action, a gesture that aims to bring back order not only to the night area, but to any space in the house – from the garment just worn to the object put back after use.
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You keep something of value, something you care about deeply. You keep also to be able to hand down, stopping the effects of the passage of time with showcases, display cabinets, and other solutions of excellent quality.
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Wardrobes and walk-in closets are designed rationally. Equipped with numerous and specific pieces of equipment, they meet the needs of those who use them, optimizing interior space.
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Discretion is the peculiarity of the night area, the most intimate and confidential area of the house. Wardrobes and walk-in closets fit in: the numerous models of doors and openings are designed to conceal or leave only a glimpse of the interior.
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Tidying is a way of arranging things side by side, of organizing objects to create or restore harmony. Every time we tidy, we create a new balance between functionality and aesthetics, giving a new meaning to reality.
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Furnishing is showing something of yourself, just like dressing. With a wide range of finishes and ad hoc solutions, wardrobes and walk-in closets become a mirror of personality and style, like an outfit.
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If practicality and beauty have always coexisted in light, in the special configurations such as the all-glass wardrobes, light exceeds its functionality, becoming an aesthetic accent.
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The quality of the air is important for our well-being – even inside the wardrobe, where you can purify it. A little detail that improves quality of life.
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Each of us is fond of certain categories of objects that in our eyes take on the charm of a collection. Objects that last, like the furniture that welcomes them.
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The most complete and effective system for the night area is the one that integrates as many functions as there are people’s needs, in a perfect aesthetic continuity between wardrobe and walk-in closet.
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