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Art of the Day system

Poliform’s talent is its know-how, a capacity that combines culture and knowledge and which, before becoming a gesture, is a design idea. In the day area this art is found in finely designed systems that meet people requirements and satisfy the senses day by day.

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Through order, each of us affirms their own idea of harmony, space, and what is important. In the constant combination and recombination of objects, as well as in the choice of leaving something in sight and hiding something else, we read habits and interests that evolve over time.
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Each collection reflects a person’s existential itinerary – their passions, tastes, experiences. The collector almost never has a practical goal, if not the pleasure of looking at an object chosen with patience, carefully preserved and displayed.
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Discretion, or simply practicality, sometimes require you to entrust objects and documents to the shelter of a door – hinged, flap, or sliding – to ensure and keep order.
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Some objects are so much part of our daily lives that we never separate from them, inside and outside the house. Being able to always put them back in the same place, where you can find them easily, allows us to live our everyday life with greater peace of mind.
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In the living room, some elements are designed to perform a specific function. Like the bar corner, an elegant hub for moments of relaxation and conviviality.
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It is an ancient habit to display ceramics and crystalware through display cabinets, which protect, enhance, and participate in the same preciousness of the objects they contain.
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To safekeep the most expensive objects we need containers that are able to preserve their value and beauty over the years, containers that are in turn an expression of care and elegance.
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Objects and devices that have an exclusive practical function can be hidden behind a door or inside a drawer, to preserve the rationality and harmony even in what is used daily.
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The living room is an area of the house in constant evolution that changes according to the habits and moments of the day. A space where you spend your free time, alone or in company, a place of rest and conviviality, of entertainment and relaxation, of intimacy and sharing.
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Timeless lines and proportions are completed by contemporary details, designed to simplify everyday life without sacrificing elegance.
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The intelligence of a space lies in its versatility, just as that of a system lies in its universality. Thus, what is designed for the day can find perfect expression in the night area, with new functions and meanings.
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The intensity of the light changes our degree of concentration and well-being. And if intense lighting helps working and reading, a soft light brings calm and quiet, inviting relaxation and conversation.
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