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Poliform Pesaro

Villa Poliform: the showroom in Pesaro for a complete brand experience

An authentic Poliform home. The display space of Poliform Pesaro comes alive with this concept, created in collaboration with the local partner Della Chiara. Not just a showroom, but a place to live, to perceive in its essence and – above all – to experience. The entire building, in fact, is formulated as a refined modern residence, where every space is totally furnished with the Poliform collections.


The kitchen, dining room, living area and bedroom zone with wardrobes create a complete overview of the company’s décor solutions, along with its remarkable interior design prowess. This total look also emerges in the arrangement of the lounge spaces, the vanity desks and smart working areas, where every habitat requirement finds its own special solution. Villa Poliform immerses visitors in a highly realistic space, getting beyond the static stiffness of traditional displays, also thanks to the possibility of spending a day in “Poliform style.”

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