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Rhythm and harmony in the living area


A distinct architectural character defines the living area of the new Poliform villa. Rigorous geometric patterns, volumetric plays on solid and hollow forms, subtle lighting and chiaroscuro contrasts give shape to this room designed for togetherness and relaxation. The same architectural imprint delineates the new Brera sofa, here a protagonist in a dual composition, wide and angular or curved and enveloping. Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, Brera expresses its innate elegance through a horizontal, clean and contemporary sign enriched with tailored leather details.

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News 2022

Upholstered furnishings, seating, systems, complements, beds and kitchens. Poliform’s offerings for 2022 form a complete setting for the home environment, where new design developments respond perfectly to changing habitat needs and contemporary stylistic trends. In a coordinated language with a focus on sophisticated elegance.

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