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Villa P in Lyon

Villa P

In this villa, architecture becomes a game of interactions. This splendid modernist villa, which contributes to the revitalization of the Lyon landscape, has been designed by the architectural duo of Jean-Yves Arrivetz and Sébastien Belle, whose studio is called a2-Sb. Their signature style emphasizes “timelessness, minimalism and understatement, to express the intrinsic authority of architecture.” The project includes the participation of Poliform, through its local partner RBC.



The complementary character of the two players involved is reflected in the design, which calls for the interplay of three white concrete volumes arranged with an H-shaped footprint. The large void created on the ground floor becomes the conceptual and physical space set aside for living and dining. Poliform responds perfectly to these attitudes, with its collections utilized to furnish the entire daytime zone. The comfortable elegance of the Westside sofa is completed by the Mondrian coffee tables with their refined graphic minimalism, and the Frame carpet. The remaining volumes are for the bedroom zone and lounge areas, featuring the allure of Poliform thanks to the Park Uno bed with its ample proportions.



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