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Harmony in details

A villa that lies between land and sea, amidst the quietness of authentic and spontaneous nature which reveals itself to visitors, who become admiring spectators. The rooms are designed in sequence: each one is part of a complete and coherent story whose punctuation is provided in the quality of the materials and natural colours.


Brera, design Jean-Marie Massaud: a system of sofas where elegance is expressed through a horizontal, clean and contemporary design.


In a global world based on communication, a brand must look beyond its borders, open up to new experiences, and dare to be different. Meeting the brightest minds of one’s time is the most effective way to nurture creativity, because the dialogue between photography, fashion, social media, art and architecture can only generate a unique and powerful result. Today, Poliform meets Paolo Roversi.


Vesta Milano

Poliform collaborated with the architect Stefano Belingardi Clusoni in the design of the first restaurant of the Triple Sea Food group, a young reality in the Milanese hospitality sector.



Catalogs are the best expression of the Poliform world. An updated and extensive editorial project that expresses an idea of style, blending know-how and design, endeavouring to inspire customers and designers.

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