Poliform is currently a leading player on the international furniture scene. The highly successful result of adventurous enterprise, the company has always based its vision on the search for quality by updating its lines in keeping with all that is good in contemporary lifestyle trends. 
The Poliform collection is set out as a wide diversified choice and includes systems and furnishing accessories for the whole house: bookcases, complements, wardrobes, beds, kitchens, sofas and armchairs. 
Poliform's comprehensive production range carries with it the design idea of a 'Poliform house' with stylistically compatible component parts; a 'global project' for each architectural situation thanks to the exceptional versatility of its modular systems. 
Poliform dedicates its creative and productive resources also to the parallel and complementary activity of large residential and commercial projects. Poliform has been heavily involved in realizations of the highest standard like London's West End Quay and Café Royal, Amsterdam's Conservatorium hotel, Tour Odeon in Montecarlo, the AOL Time Warner Center in New York, the Presidential Chambers of the Clinton Library in Little Rock and the Palmolive Building in Chicago. - See more at:


Poliform was established in the year 1970, from an evolution of a small artisan’s shop dating back to 1942.
Right from the start the company made no secret of its industrial ethos: its aim has been to exploit the full potential of automated production line methods, constantly monitoring change in an increasingly more global market.
Over the years, Poliform continuously adapted its range of proposals to the furniture market, demonstrating a deep ability in gathering the requirements and the tastes of a heterogeneous and international audience and to anticipate and interpret trends in living.
The Poliform brand is today synonymous with luxury life style and excellence in quality.Poliform numerous lines include systems and furnishings for the whole house: bookcases, complements, wardrobes and beds. In 1996, the company added kitchens to its collection through the acquisition of the Varenna brand, in existence since 2006. In 2006 the company launched its first collection of sofas and armchairs. From 2018, the Varenna kitchen division goes by the name of Poliform, demonstrating the desire to more assertively present a unique and consistent corporate identity.


Poliform’s history is that of a company which, despite having achieved an international dimension, has maintained its family character. Established in 1970 as the evolution of a small artisan’s shop dating back to 1942, Poliform invested in new production technologies and the products have successfully evolved into functional and modular systems. Poliform becomes an industry: the minds behind the turnaround, Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani, who still head the company today, successfully blending specific technical expertise and know-how with an entrepreneurial approach in absolute harmony with the social and economic changes of the era.
The three partners play different and complementary roles within the company. The representatives of the third generation have gradually become part of the company’s fabric, each one bringing specific personal experiences and aptitudes. The aim is to ensure that Poliform maintains its family-run dimension in the future, making it the expression of individuals whose ties with the company are never separate from their own lives, passions and aspirations.


Strong roots in the territory of Brianza, a territory that was able to preserve its values and traditions.
A working culture considered as a social value that has made the territory a protagonist of immense economical growth. 
Essential architecture for buildings located within a few kilometres of each other, the production units of Poliform are located in areas of Brianza where nature is considered a wealth and a patrimony to respect, confirming the liaison and the involvement of Poliform to the survival of its own territory.