29 September 2016. 112 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 1001

Poliform launches a new mono-brand showroom in 112 Madison Avenue, New York.  An area of 950 m2 that aims at going above and beyond a standard showroom, proposing an innovative concept inspired by a domestic home. “A home” which opens its doors to the public, inviting them to experience new and stimulating ideas, allowing them to discover Poliform and its products by visiting a series of rooms, from the living area to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the walk-in closet. These rooms bring to mind a private atmosphere, in line with an advanced and contemporary lifestyle. The new exhibition area is next to the showroom situated in The A&D Building on 150 E. 58th Street, 6th Floor, which was opened back in 2001

Poliform on Madison
112 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10016