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Corporate Governance structure

Poliform’s long history has allowed a family-owned company to structure itself over the years, both internally and as an internationally renowned brand – to be found today in showrooms, flagship stores and foreign subsidiaries in an increasing number of countries.

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The Board of Directors appointed by the ordinary Shareholders’ meeting has three managing directors, subjected to a three-year rotation rule, i.e. each one of the members is appointed Chairman for a period of three years. The Board of Directors meets twice a year to approve the company financial statements and the biannual analysis; it also meets every time there are specific circumstances which require a resolution to be passed. Subject matters related to Health and Safety are delegated to one of the members of the Board of Directors.

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Poliform functional organizational chart is structured in such a way to “give space” to the different skills. To guarantee the best possible management outcome, each Function Manager is responsible for governing a specific process. To streamline decision-making processes, the Managing Director is effectively supported by an underlying managerial organization.

The Contract division can be defined as “a company within the company”, an office dedicated to handling specific clients’ accounts. In the corporate organizational chart, it reports directly to the Board of Directors, but it is independent for what concerns sales, purchases, R&D and production processes, which must be defined based on the client’s specific requirements.

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The company has defined specific functions for the management of those matters strictly connected with the environment and occupational health and safety; among the top professional positions that report directly to the Board of Directors we find the Head of the Environmental Management System (RSGS in Italian) and the Head of the Prevention and Protection Service (RSPP in Italian).

The company has drawn up a charter of corporate values, which lists the fundamental principles of its business ethos:



Poliform’s soundness and its continuous expansion in international markets have resulted in a steady growth over time, demonstrated by the trend of the economic performance. The economic value directly generated was calculated by reclassifying the revenue account. The main component of said value is revenues.

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In 2023 Poliform confirmed the trend of continuous growth, as evidenced by the generated turnover, equal to 255 million Euros, an increase of 9% compared to the previous year.

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The same trend was recorded for the distributed economic value. Operating costs, in fact, increased in value directly proportional to the generated turnover, in the same manner, the cost of employees’ wages and benefits increased with the increase of the number of people employed by the company. Remuneration policies are in line with the national collective agreement and the wood and furnishing industry agreement and the relevant levels of classification.