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The product

The product

Materials and processes

Poliform adopts a clean and minimalistic style, without non-essential details, to develop products that will last in time. The following tables show the procurement of raw materials, according to the different units of measure described.

Supply chain

The supply chain is a fundamental part of Poliform’s value, which is why the company has chosen to work with a network of mainly local suppliers (artisans and others), who offer a priceless combination of creativity and experience.

The product

Thanks to its procurement policy and the compliance with official certification programs, Poliform guarantees that purchased materials meet the conditions that the company has committed to comply with, in terms of human rights and environmental standards. 97% of Poliform’s suppliers come from Italy and 88% of them from the region where the company’s facilities are located.

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The FSC Custody Chain certification guarantees that the raw material used consists of material sourced from responsibly managed forests or from recycled material. The company has been complying with these requirements since 2013.

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The TSCA Title VI certification, a natural extension of the Californian CARB certification, aims at reducing and controlling formaldehyde emissions from wood-based materials used in the United States of America.

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